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Art & Design


At Mill Hill, we take great pride in our Art and Design learning. It is an integral part of the school and links to many other subjects taught in our broad curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to explore their thoughts and ideas through their imagination. Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding by having opportunities to practise their skills. They learn about the achievements of artists, designers and crafts people from many different times and cultures and are encouraged to share their ideas and evaluate their learning through a critical lens. We encourage our pupils to reflect and think about what they are creating in a meaningful way. This allows a platform to recognise and celebrate the diverse culture of our school through the medium of Art and Design.


At Mill Hill, Art and Design is planned carefully to allow children from Foundation stage up to Year 6, exposure to a range of skills, building and mastering techniques so by the end of their time with us, will be confident in drawing, painting, sculpture and other forms of art and design techniques.  End of year expectations and detailed progression maps for the whole school support accurate assessment in art and ensure a dynamic and exciting curriculum is offered.

How does Art link to our School Vision?

At Mill Hill, we nurture creativity through our thinking and express this through our Art. Pupils are encouraged to take time to reflect and question and develop a sense of awe and wonder.

At Mill Hill we take pride and care about our pieces of Art. Mill Hill community of adults and pupils celebrate and value the art work displayed throughout the school and often in assemblies.

Each year, the children build upon previously learned techniques and learn new skills. Pupils are given opportunity to experiment, deepen their understanding and celebrate their achievements.

Each piece of artwork is personal and special to the pupils but as a collective, it adds value to the celebration of Art as a whole at Mill Hill.

Links to SMSC and British Values

The British values and the Spiritual, Moral and Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) form an integral part of the Art Curriculum. Each pupil has the opportunity to learn about different cultures and reflect on their learning. Pupils develop an awareness of different cultures and cultivates tolerance. It sparks a love of learning and deep critical and creative thinking. The Art Curriculum allows children to think responsibly about how they impact the world around them. It allows teamwork and build resilience through a range of activities. Creating and sharing artworks fosters a deep level of respect and nurtures a love of life and expression. At Mill Hill, the Art Curriculum not only includes but embodies the British Values and SMSC.

Link with the community

Art and DT have been promoted through 2019/20 through our links with a local developer and our ‘Imaginosty’ project which has developed confidence and team work across key stages.  This project is scheduled to continue through 2020/21.

Art and Design action plan

Art and Design skills development

Art and Design leader annual review

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