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English plays an important part in the social and personal development of children.  We teach our pupils to read, write, speak and listen so as to promote not only enjoyment but also a sense of achievement.  We give our children opportunities to develop all their language skills through narratives, poetry, non-fiction and plays amongst other genres.

We provide a large and varied selection of books in the class and school library. We  actively encourage parents to support the child’s reading at home, making reading  pleasurable and free from pressure.


Phonics and Reading

In Reception we will teach your child to read using phonics. This is where the children learn the sounds each letter makes and blend these together to make words. In school we use 'Letters and Sounds' as the basis of the progression of sounds we teach. We use 'Jolly Phonics' to teach the children actions that link to the sounds. This makes learning the sound easier for the children. We will send home reading books right from the start of Reception for you to read with your child. We use a range of different reading scheme books. These reading books are divided into bands of similar difficulty and the children can choose books from within a particular colour band. The teacher will move them to a harder colour band when they think they are ready. The children will move up through the colour bands until they are a very able reader. At this point they will then have free choice of a range of reading books in the KS2 library. Children from Y1 upwards will also have the opportunity to take a library book home each week from our school library.


Here is a video that shows the different sounds - click here

Home reading question prompts



Mill Hill School has just redeveloped its library and has relocated it to the centre of school.  We are all enjoying using it!  The library contains a wide range of fiction and non fiction text and an up-to-date computer librarian system available. All children have access to the library for reading and lending use.


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Our aims in teaching mathematics are that all children should achieve a high standard in numeracy and in a range of mathematical skills which they are able to apply with understanding and confidence.  We expect them to enjoy the subject for its own intrinsic worth and study it with increasing confidence and a sense of achievement.  We strive to promote positive attitudes to mathematics, along with an understanding of its importance in everyday situations and the world of work.  Our teaching centres on the National Numeracy Strategy, using a wide range of practical techniques and resources.



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Our newest resource is 'Time Table Rock Stars' which is going to make us great at tables!  Click here for the website