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To help children understand the past and how it links to the present, books, videos, photographs, artefacts, adults talking about their past, and written stories are used.  Our children are taught about the every day lives of men, women and children at different levels of society. Through a careful study of periods of history they develop a sense of chronology.



Children investigate the physical and human features of their surroundings and gradually become aware that the world extends beyond their own locality, both within and outside the United Kingdom.  We give our children opportunities to observe, question and record their ideas and by investigating places and themes we equip our children with geographical skills and associated vocabulary.


Religious Education

We aim to foster a spirit of tolerance, co-operation and understanding both within our own community and in the wider world.  Religious Education is central to our efforts.  We teach children about Christianity and other world religions.  We see ourselves as part of a community in a wider society that is multi-faith, multi-cultural.  Our R.E. curriculum will be provided in accordance with the Agreed Syllabus produced by NorthYorkshire County Council. 



We hold a daily assembly where we come together as a group to sing and focus on themes. On Thursdays we have a sharing assembly when children’s work and achievements are celebrated and on Fridays we have a Celebration assembly where rewards are given out.  

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and the Collective Act of Worship.  Please contact the Head Teacher if you wish to discuss this option.