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Religious Education


In religious Education at Mill Hill we aim to foster a spirit of tolerance, co-operation and understanding both within our own community and in the wider world.  Religious Education is central to our efforts.  We teach children about Christianity and other world religions.  We see ourselves as part of a community in a wider society that is multi-faith, multi-cultural.  Our R.E. curriculum will be provided in accordance with the Agreed Syllabus produced by NorthYorkshire County Council.  


Our RE lessons are based on a big question each half term. We make connections and collect clues to help us answer the big question. Teaching of RE runs throughout the school and includes visits out to different places of worship. The Mill Hill RE curriculum includes study of Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Humanism. The end of year statements ensures progression of knowledge and skills from learning in previous year groups. This is used to support pupils’ reflection and form teacher’s assessments based on what we are learning about and what are we learning from.

RE links to the School Vision 

  • Our curriculum is designed to reflect and understand faiths within our school community.
  • Ethical questioning and critical thinking is developed through the RE curriculum.  Pupils also learn about ‘rules’ of different religions and how they impact how we live today.
  • Planning is progressive and skills are taught from early years to Year 6.
  • We teach tolerance, respect and compassion towards all faiths and communities.
  • Diversity is celebrated through different faiths.
  • Our curriculum develops children as a ‘Global Citizen’ and provides experiences with the wider world through church links and visits.
  • Cross curricular opportunities including art, music, PE are embedded in the RE curriculum. Pupils are exposed to the rich diversity of wider society.
  • We embrace and celebrate all faiths in our school and invite pupils, parents and visitors from the community to share their faiths with one another. 

Links to School and British Values

Our curriculum develops the British value of mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. Understanding of rule of law, individual liberty and respect for democracy is taught and explored in depth through debate and critical thinking activities.


We hold a daily assembly where we come together as a group to sing and focus on themes. On Thursdays we have a sharing assembly when children’s work and achievements are celebrated and on Fridays we have a Celebration assembly where rewards are given out.  

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and the Collective Act of Worship.  Please contact the Head Teacher if you wish to discuss this option.

RE action plan

RE leader annual review

NYCC agreed syllabus

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