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 Spring 2017 Newsletter

 Squash and Squeeze

 Reception Assembly


Doubling Soup


The children were asked to make healthy soup for the King and Queen but were only given a recipe for 1. Therefore, they had to double the quantities.



















Stick Man 

  At the end of the Autumn Term 2015 the Foundation Stage children

  visited the local library for a ‘Stick Man Experience’.



We created our own Stick Man pictures using resources provided by the library staff.





 Jake said, “The gold part is the stars that twinkle in the sky when

 Stick Man is lying on the ground covered in frost.”



Sophie described the experience as awesome.






 Back at school the children played story telling hopscotch. First, they had to  sequence pictures from the story.

“We’re putting them in the correct order,” said Cole.



“I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man. I’m Stick Man, that’s me. Oh Stick Man beware of the dog!”

said Abby with lots of emotion.




 “He’s cold and gloomy and covered in snow.

   He’s thinking of his family,” said Caiden.



Aiden was very happy as he exclaimed,

“Santa’s taking him back to the tree!”