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Rewards and Sanctions

Our rewards system is based on our belief that praise and rewards have a great emphasis. Children achieve more, are better motivated and behave better, when rewarded for their successes. 

Star awards:

Each half term every child is working towards a star badge.  Each class has a target on the classroom wall, the inner circle green, middle circle yellow and the outer circle red.  Every child is working towards being green every day.

In our Star Assembly, at the end of each half term, badges will be awarded as follows:

Coloured badge – never out of the green circle

Yellow star sticker – often in the yellow

Nothing – in the red at least 3 times.

Class Points:

We award class points to encourage peer pressure and team work. They are in the form of coloured counters which children put in a jar in their classroom.

Blue = 1 point

Yellow = 5 points

Purple = 10 points

White = 50 points which are handed out by Headteachers for exceptional work

Throughout the week class points are awarded for lining up, moving around school well, good manners, good work, extra research, great answers, through marking, homework, etc.

Individual Recognition:

We recognise our children’s good behaviour and work by sending them to the Headteacher for an award and by contacting parents. You may be contacted by text if the teacher would like to share your child’s good work or behaviour with you.


In the use of sanctions, pupils learn from experience to expect fair and consistently

applied punishments which differentiate between serious and minor offences.

Sanctions are applied consistently by all staff, but with the provision for flexibility to

take account of individual circumstances. 

We have an agreed system of sanctions to register disapproval of unacceptable

behaviour. Responses range from polite reminders to permanent exclusion. These

sanctions are on a continuum and should be used in this way:

  • Use of normal strategies – polite but firm requests, warnings (not more than three). Consider repositioning, separating etc.
  • Second reminder of the correct behaviour and what the consequences may be
  • Removal of name to yellow section of class target.
  • Time out – removal to a designated place within the classroom to prevent red
  • Removal of name to red section of class target.
  • The Headteacher will be involved (this should only be used where the incident is of a high severity eg. aggressive behaviour)

You will be contacted by text or in person if your child displays unacceptable behaviour or behaviour which is out of character.

If a child is deemed to be red at their termly mentor meeting then a behaviour plan will be put into place. This will be done at a meeting between classroom staff, parents and the Learning Mentor at which any future support or intervention will be explored.

The Headteacher holds the right to exclude children either for a fixed term or on a permanent basis for serious incidents

We do not wish to exclude any child from school, but sometimes this may be necessary. Only the Headteacher (or the Acting Headteacher in absence) is able to exclude a child from school.

Should you require a paper copy of any documents on this website please contact the school office, who will be happy to provide them free of charge.