Punctuality and Attendance

We recognise the need for children to attend school regularly and punctually in order to gain maximum benefit from the learning opportunities offered.  Regular attendance boosts academic achievement and enhances personal development.  The school bell for the start of the day rings at 8.40am. Children should aim to be in the playground by 8.40 am ready for a prompt start. Registration opens at 8.50 am, children arriving after this time will be recorded as late on the register. This impacts on their end of year attendance record.

Absence from school

If your child is unable to attend school, it is essential that we know promptly.

Please leave a message on the answerphone (01609 772382)  It is a legal requirement that you let us know your child’s name, their class, the reason for absence and how long you expect them to be away from school.

Medical / Dental Appointments

Please make appointments out of school hours, however if your child needs to leave school to attend an appointment advise school as soon as possible bringing the appointment card.

Holiday Requests

Holidays should not be taken through term time.  Permission for holidays through term time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. When permission is refused and children are taken out of  school on holiday, then a fine may be issued.  Each case will be reviewed individually.  Permission will definitely not be given where children’s attendance is poor and where applications exceed 10 days in any school year.  Applications for exceptional circumstance leave can be made at the School Office.