Governing Body (LGB)

Mill Hill Primary School works very closely with its Local Governing Body. This group of individuals, who have a very wide range of backgrounds, offers both support and high levels of challenge to the Headteacher and the Leadership Team, ensuring that standards across the school are constantly being raised.

As an academy within Areté Learning Trust, which has within the governance structure, Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) as sub-committees of the Board of Directors, the role of our LGB is clear.

The terms of reference for the committee include realising the Trust’s vision, values, policies and priorities, providing internal assurance/risk management, developing the local community and employer links and focusing primarily on the core areas of the effectiveness of leadership and management in the school, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, students’ personal development, behaviour, safeguarding, well-being and progress.

Our LGB  question, challenge and support  our school leaders. Details of specific responsibilities delegated by the Board are set out in the Scheme of Delegation and its appendix.

Instrument of Governance  


Governors Attendance

Name Office held Appointed by Category of Governor Term of Office Relationship to Staff Business Interest Attendance 2021 2022
Mrs Sheila Sutton Chair of Governors Governors Co-opted

30/03/2023 –


None None 10/10
Mrs Jill Jaques Vice-chair Governors Co-opted

30/03/2023 –


None None 9/10
Mrs Anna Szymoniak Parents Parent

30/03/2023 –


None None 7/10
Mrs Claire Tilley Parents Parent

30/03/2023 –


None None 7/10
Mrs Rebecca Bainbridge Headteacher Governors Headteacher




Staff member 10/10
Mrs Gwen Burn Governors Co-opted

30/03/2023 –


Staff member 6/10
Mrs Angela Jones Staff Staff

30/03/2023 –


Staff member 9/10
Mrs Mandy Lambert Clerk to the Governors


Resigned Governors

Cllr Caroline Dickinson Part of previous Governing Body Governors Co-opted



 None 6/8 Resigned June 2022
Mrs Mary Foster Part of previous Governing Body’ Governors Co-opted  22/11/2017 – 22/11/2025 None Staff member 7/8 Resigned June 2022
Miss Jane Gibson Part of previous Governing Body Governors  Local Authority



None Governor at Aiskew and Leeming Bar Primary School 9/10
Mrs Diana Bird Part of previous Governing Body Governors Co-opted 29/11/2019 – 30/11/2023 None None 9/10