School Day

08.40 Bell rings  Children come into school

08.50 The school day officially starts

Foundation Stage and KS1 children are brought to the classroom door, KS2 come in via the playground

12.00 Sitting 1 dinner (sitting 2 playtime)

12.30 Sitting 2 dinner (sitting 1 playtime)

13.00 Learning restarts

3.10 Foundation Stage go home (Foundation stage time will change to 3.20 for September 2023)

3.20 KS2 Children go home


KS1 and KS2 children’s week is 32.5 hours

Foundation Stage children’s week is currently 31.6 and will be 32.5 for September 2023



School Meals

We are fortunate to have a hot dinners service provided by North Yorkshire County Caterers.

Menus are determined a term ahead, discussed with the School Council and adapted to the taste of our children. They rotate on a three week cycle.  We offer a sandwich option with vegetable sticks and a jacket potato with tuna or cheese every day. Meals to celebrate special events are also offered.

Pupils can choose to have hot dinners on a daily or weekly basis.  Our meals cost £2.50 a day and payment is made online.

Packed Lunches

Children may bring a packed lunch to school.  This should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.  We do not provide refrigeration facilities, and so we recommend the use of insulated lunch bags and ice packs, especially in the hot weather.  Please try to ensure that the lunch your child brings to school is healthy and balanced, with no sweets or fizzy drinks.  Drinks bottles/food containers should be unbreakable.  As part of our commitment to the environment, we encourage reusable containers that keeps packaging/rubbish to a minimum.

We encourage children to take their left overs and litter home so that you can see what your child has eaten.

If you are unable to provide your usual packed lunch one day we will provide a school dinner that will require payment.

Free School Meals

Some pupils will be eligible for free school meals.  We ensure that this information is discretely applied at school.  If you think you may be eligible please contact the school office and they will help you to complete the paperwork.

Food and Drink at other times

Children are encouraged to drink throughout the day, and may bring a bottle of water to school.  Healthy snacks at break time are encouraged.  Fruit is provided for children in Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) and Key Stage 1.